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Vaginal dilators can be used to retrain the body and vagina to relax when presented with stimulus around the vulva. If you have dyspareunia or vaginismus, dilators can help reduce pain, and help you discover how to control, and relax, your pelvic floor muscles. They can also help you loosen up and relax before sex if you’re feeling nervous or need to prepare your muscles.

When people undergo Vaginoplasty there is a great deal of after-care so it’s incredibly important to be aware of the implications. One of the most important aspects in aftercare is vaginal dilators. After gender confirmation surgery it is normal for either gauze packing or a stenting device to be placed inside the neo vagina which will be kept in place for a few weeks. After this is removed it can be a good time to start vaginal dilators. Different surgeons will recommend different protocols and we advise you to speak with your doctor first.

Areas that they can help

  • Restores and revives vaginal strength
  • Help to overcome symptoms of vaginismus
  • Allow someone to enjoy sexual intercourse again
  • Insert tampons or menstrual cups without pain
  • Make gynaecological examinatons easier
She-ology Dilators
She-ology Dilators

She-ology Dilators

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Calexotics has teamed up with Dr Sherry Ross to bring you their most comfortable dilator collection to date

Their design has been created with your body in mind, ensuring that they can be inserted easily and be worn throughout the day

The She-ology dilators can be used to help with the symptoms of vaginismus, endometriosis, cancer treatment and gender affirmation surgery

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Product Specifics
  • Easily wearable design 
  • 5 increasing sizes
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 100% body safe silicone

Sizes (measurements in inches):

Dilator 1 - Length: 2.67" / Diameter: 0.53"

Dilator 2 - Length: 2.96" / Diameter: 0.74”

Dilator 3 - Length: 3.02" / Diameter: 0.85"

Dilator 4 - Length: 3.12" / Diameter: 0.97"

Dilator 5- Length: 3.33" / Diameter: 1.18"

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There is a 14 days returns policy on all items, anything outside of this will not be eligible for a return.

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  • Adhesive tape must be avoided on the original packaging when returning items.
  • All shipping costs related to the return of the items will be charged to the customer.
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Please contact hello@weareopaya.com with the required information below and one of our team will be able to assist.

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  • Items are undamaged, unopened and in their original packaging, unless faulty.
  • Goods are sent within 14 days of receipt. 

 The customer will be responsible for any delivery charges incurred when sending a return. The refund will be applied to the original payment method, please note this may take between 5-10 working days.

Your Dilators

We are a different style of dilators designed to make dilator therapy that little bit more comfortable. 

We were designed by Dr Sherry Ross, leading gynaecological doctor and health expert so a great therapy for Vaginal Stenosis which is the narrowing and shortening of the vagina due to cancer treatment and menopause as well as Vaginismus. We’re designed to be used in the comfort of your own home free from pressure, embarrassment or fear at your own pace so run a hot bath and get that candle lit. 

Why we work well is because we are perfect for anyone new to dilation therapy or anyone with severe Stenosis and Vaginismus who needs a very small starting point. Our kit includes a dilator guide by Dr Sherry Ross who really is a true expert in her field.

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