Our Mission

The need for Opaya

Achieving sexual health, joy and wellbeing stems from a delicate balance of education and pleasure. Traditional societal notions around female sexuality often bring about feelings of shame and embarrassment. This needs to change.

Opaya's aim is simple. We are here to shake up and modernise the tired sexual health industry and focus in on the joys and freedoms created when women are able to give themselves the attention they deserve. We want to help women break free of stigma and feel more confident and relaxed with their sexuality.

Why are we here?

To become the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace dedicated to sexual wellness for women. Free from stereotypes and pressure, Opaya will create a trusted platform where women can explore their relationship with sex.

Through our education, community and handpicked product range, we aim to begin a conversation that is free of stigma and moves towards the enhancement and understanding of what sex is to all of us.