Trans women

Post-operative vaginal dilation is an essential part of surgery recovery and the regular care of a neo-vagina. The dilation helps maintain the depth of the neo-vagina and assists in preventing contraction of the skin graft inside the vagina. It also enhances the suppleness of the vaginal wall to help have comfortable penetrative sex or to use a dildo/vibrator. We have included aspects such as the Ohnut and wand to help you have an enjoyable connection and intimate time, whether it be with yourself or a partner!

Please ensure that you have spoken to your surgeon to make sure that you are fully aware of how best to look after yourself after surgery and what they suggest for sizes to start with and how to get the most out of dilating.

Your pleasure is of utmost importance to us at Opaya. There are many ways to connect with your body to feel good therefore we have also added toys such as the Ohnut, Calexotics, Satisfyer Wand, Organic Lube & the book Trans Power And Queer Sex.