Did you know that Vaginismus is a condition known to be affecting 1 in every 500 people, with many slipping under the radar due to the shame or fear of asking for help, or even a misdiagnosis in some cases.

Vaginismus is when the muscles tighten around the vagina whenever penetration is being attempted. This can be from inserting a tampon to experiencing a cervical smear test or having sex.


Where does it come from?

When it comes to Vaginismus the symptoms vary for each and every individual and it is not a case of one size fits for treatment.

There are different forms of Vaginismus:

Primary i.e. lifelong

Secondary occurring after a period of normal sexual function.

Global occurs in all situations and with any objects.

Situational when it can occur in certain situations (using a tampon or pelvic floor).

Every woman’s experience and sensations when it comes to Vaginismus is different. It’s not a black and white solution. The pain experienced can be mild to severe. For one person they may describe the pain as a slight discomfort, however someone else may feel burning with a tightness sensation that feels incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Vaginismus can also result from emotional factors, medical factors, or both. There’s no single cause of Vaginismus, it can be vague or specific. If you are experiencing pain you deserve to get it treated. Don’t ignore your pain by thinking you’re overreacting or listening to other stories or articles. There are a variety of reasons why Vaginismus can be caused. These can be mental blocks born from a past trauma, they may be struggling with a UTI which has caused sexual anxiety, your first sexual experience, or your childhood and upbringing beliefs surrounding sex.

Then there are the physical reasons which could stem from pelvic trauma, cysts, a tear, changes after childbirth, treatment you’re going through, menopause and medications. Whatever the reason, emotional or physical, the outcome is similar being anxiety, fear and pain.


How can Opaya support you?

At Opaya we know there are lots of different types of treatment for Vaginismus. There are many effective exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home using a set of our dilators with water based lubricant to build up your confidence. For many women with vaginismus, it becomes necessary for dilators to be incorporated into their routine, at least for a period of time until they feel confident and comfortable. We also recommend the Ohnut which is a great trainer when working with Vaginismus because the Ohnut has four soft rings which you can be added or removed at any time so that you can adjust the penetration when anything starts to feel too sore or deep. Dame Zee and Dame Fin are also tools designed to be non-obtrusive and small with no need for penetration.

We at Opaya want to support as many women as we can who are experiencing Vaginismus. Whatever despair or hopelessness you are feeling towards this situation we want to tell you that out of all the pain conditions, Vaginismus is the most successfully treated in the shortest amount of time, but it’s important to understand that there is no one size fits all path of healing and every woman will have a different story and route to recovery. 

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